Overcome anxiety and fear with affirmations


It can be difficult to do anything in you day to day schedule with passion and excitement if you are feeling anxious. Anxiety can overrule your motivation and control in your life, if you let it!

If you have ever experienced any anxiety episode in your life, you may be fearful of having another incident at any time. This may put you into a state of perpetual anxiety, because you are afraid of the anxiety itself.

Worrying about the next anxiety episode can cause you to be in a constant state of fear, which may keep you from doing the tasks your want or need to do. This can overtake your normal life cycle, and is not necessary.

One way to conquer anxiety is by using positive affirmations. These statements are simply a way to change and divert your thought processes so you are not always standing by waiting for anxiety to take a firmhold on you.

Create your own affirmations, or use or modify any of the affirmations available on this site.

Anxiety affirmations are positive statements your recite to yourself in the times you have any feeling of dread, fear or anxiety (for no realistic reason).

By using these affirmations when you feel anxious, you are reprogramming your mind and diverting the negative though in the moment.

Every time you recite an affirmation, you leave less and less room for the irrational thoughts and fears to continue to control your very existence in the moment. Continue to use as necessary. As an analogy, a firefighter still has to apply water to ‘hot spots’ even though the fire is under control.


Unfortunately, fear also presents itself at times when you are not in any danger whatsoever. This is when fear becomes destructive, hinders your daily way of living, and makes your act and react in irrational ways.

Irrational fears, such as being in a working elevator, or speaking in front of a receptive audience, cause you to avoid situations that are actually beneficial and productive to you.

You can continue to be held back by irrational thoughts, or conquer these fears so you can live your life to the fullest.

Affirmations can help you overcome your fears by keeping your focus on the reality of the present moment. Affirmations should describe how you want to feel as if you are already experiencing those emotions and feelings.

Affirmations only provide benefit for you if you bring a determination to overcome your fears. Repeated frequently, on a daily basis at minimum, affirmations reprogram your mind to believe and act differently in stressful situations.

You can find affirmations for almost any fear or negative emotion. It may be more effective to write your own. Simply imagine yourself in a situation, responding perfectly for the situation at hand and feeling at ease inside. Write a positive, present tense statement describing the situation and the outcome your prefer.

Begin harnessing the power of affirmations today! Start small, with realistic expectations, and allow the positive results to motivate you to use them more and more into the future.

Disclaimer: Anxiety sometimes needs professional treatment. This article is not intended to provide any form of professional advice or discourage any reader from seeking necessary professional treatment.